Diet Chart for weight loss in 07 days….

Man loses 270 pounds, wins 'Teacher of the Year'
Man loses 270 pounds, wins ‘Teacher of the Year’
December 13, 2014
December 15, 2014
Diet Chart for weight loss in 07 days....

Reduce your weight in just 07 days….follow this FREE DIET CHART and feel the change for sure…. Hi All, This is a 07 days Full Meal Plan to help you Lose …
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  1. richa sharma says:

    Hi… i have begun with this diet plan from today. Really looking forward
    for the results. I want to know the replacement of eggs in the diet since i
    dont eat eggs. Second, can i take tea coffee once twice in a day? and on
    day 2 i have to eat boiled vegetables or oil cooked?

  2. Pricilla Yong :) says:

    This can lose weight and you can see it immediately after 1 week, no doubt,
    but this kind of weight loss will not be permanent. We are human, we need
    variety of food range, sometimes we need naughty food as well.. Well, if
    you will be persistent with this, of course it will be useful, but I doubt
    that, and if you will stop this and turn it back to some desserts or any
    junks, the effect will be worse. Your body will try to absorb what you have
    craved for in these long period, and they will store it as STUBBORN fat
    (deep fat). So, clean up your diet, but you can still have meat like
    chicken breast, fish, and so on. Take in less sugar, salt, preservatives.
    Drink more water, eat more fruits- any fruits. Stay healthy with less oil,
    replace them with olive oil or etc.
    Most importantly, Eat less but well balanced. Eat slowly till you don’t
    starve yourself then STOP. Drink more water!!!
    Do some exercise if possible. But still, 80% comes from diet, and working
    out will give you like an extra bonus and keeps you healthy with a higher
    metabolic rate~
    Good luck!!

  3. Himal Giri says:

    hi….i already lose 3 kg in 1 i have some questions….can i
    replace skimmed milk,sprouts and vegetable soup?? and can i go gym for
    exercise while following this diet.

  4. Amrinder Singh says:

    if i feel hungry in between lunch to dinner , what u will suggest me to

  5. Abhishek Chopde says:

    It’s same as GM diet plan…. Only order is different…. :p

  6. Alisar Ibrahim says:

    Can I drink water instead of milk and can I eat lettuce instead of sprouts

  7. Gaurav Bajaj says:

    Very effective diet guys please follow it. Lost 3.5 kgs and couple of
    inches from stomach in just 7 days, Planning to do it now every month.. 

  8. Baltering says:

    WAIT, you mean every glass filled with half of one lemon?
    Or i can divide half of one lemon between 2 glasse of water?!

  9. Ammaz Shabbir says:

    Hi,I liked thedite plan and i had started using this three days before but
    some time i just eat two three bites of bread or rice,do i need to
    completly stick on it ? Can i take boil egg with tea in the morning every
    day.the english tea

  10. Felipe Mejia says:

    hello im going to try this diet but i dont have skimmed milk what do you

  11. Tija Awal says:

    Will it b ok that i had some chips for on 1st day or i need to restart from

  12. Hassan Mohamed says:

    And with the lemon do u squeeze it into d glass of water
    Finally how much fruit can we intake per day
    And to conclude is it ok to consume a loooooootttttttt of water alongside
    this diet plan

  13. Sylvia Anita says:

    can we reduce fat while following this diet

  14. leewen lim says:

    Hi, can I substitute skimmed milk into coffee?

  15. Oriane Crossfield says:

    Never waste your time andbucks and efforts on fat losscapsules or lotions
    because their effects if any are temporary.

  16. HindiaTV says:

    hi,thanks for ur doubt..after losing weight, wat should follow in
    daily life.. because if we eat anything means the weight ll increase
    rapidly.. thats y im asking.. and moreover i dont like boiled egg. any sub.
    for that???

  17. vineeth prekar says:

    okay, I’m going to give this a try. I’m Starting from tomorrow. is there
    any alternative for milk and boiled egg? Is it okay to take coffee ? I will
    post the results after 7 days! Wish me good luck!

  18. Wimukthi ManathriGe says:

    It works….lost 5kg in 7days ..thanku for this diet chartt 

  19. Nirmala Qureshi says:

    Hi, I hav started this diet plan from today onwards… My question is after
    I complete this 7 day diet how do I continue? Repeating all over again from
    day one or how.. Pls reply

  20. prem chauhan says:

    Great Video! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts.
    Have you heard the talk about – Fast Abs Magic Review (do a google search)?
    Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend Sam at last Got
    rid of the overweight problem with it.

  21. fog cheer says:

    im 28 years old…..struggling because of obesity…need some advise i
    always tell myself im gonna eat healthier to help lose weight along with
    the workouts i do but i also end up going off of it get back to eatting bad
    stuff. its possible for me to lose 15kg in one month…waiting for ur

  22. kmp says:

    Don’t you think that metabolism vl b compromised? ??
    What about all other nutrients which are also essential for our body??

  23. Maria D Sanders says:

    +lookoutweight It is impressive one to me. Very useful share.

  24. Fatin Horan says:

    +lookoutweight can i dont eat brown rice but eat fruits n veg

  25. Pemela S.Lama says:

    do we have to follow up the same diet after the 7th day? and i dont go to
    the gym i just do it at home about 30 mins is that okay?

  26. Sean Furlong says:

    We do have white flour in Europe. 

  27. StyledByMegs says:

    don’t drink too much green tea, but it is a LOT better than coffee. and
    oats are good

  28. SilentAssasin425 says:

    why the hell do so many people care about what she said about Europe, who
    gives a shit what is banned or not banned, the point of the video was to
    tell people that want to eat healthier what NOT to eat. The point was
    pretty clear and simple to understand!.Thanks for the very informative

  29. Daniela Osorio says:

    I’ve made that lifestyle change for about over a month now, and I feel way
    better aside from losing weight which is a plus, I have more energy I crave
    more fruits. I have cut down so much on thing fried or prepackaged. I have
    a question though, the other day I had a small portion of prepackaged
    lasagna and my stomach was super upset! Is it possible that I’m not used to
    eating those types of foods anymore?

  30. Ken Lal says:

    Is it okay to drink coffee? I drink a lot of green tea mixed with black
    tea. No sugar! I mix my green tea with black tea and put it into my water
    for the gym. It helps me stay hydrated. Would grape nuts and oats be okay
    to eat? Thank you! Great video. 

  31. Rachel Roth says:

    Also thanks a lot this videos been really helpful to me. In the past 3
    months I have cut out everything bad you mentioned in this video. I used to
    be addicted to coffee but have since stopped drinking it and eating
    healthily and now 3 months later just the smell of it makes me gag. So does
    crap foods. I think if I went back to eating that stuff I would just

  32. StardustAshley says:

    Hi im lactose intolerant with vitamin D deficient and I wanted to know what
    milk options are healthy? I been hearing that milk from cow is bad but yet
    other non milk options have ingredients that don’t seem good?

  33. Felix Kuylenstierna says:

    Margarin is not banned here, ffs i can get margarin from Any store!

  34. charly evans says:

    im confused about the coffee I was told black coffee( caffeine) was good
    for you but it has no calories no fat that’s if you dotn add the milk and
    sugar and its boosts up metabolism throughout the day. was also told that
    people who think they are hungry when they aren’t just have a black coffee
    and it fixes the crave.

  35. Эрик Миханов says:

    Nice review! I would make reviews with her in the bedroom haha

  36. Fiona Pham says:

    I really love mah water i really love it i always drink it every day

  37. IceQueenICRA says:

    So french fries are okay? 😀 😀 Joking xD

  38. John Bilsbury says:

    Ok so what is not bad for you today. Red meat, eggs, carbs all have to be
    knocked out because they can cause something how do people get any other
    food/nutrition otherwise. Soon everything will cross that line once or so.
    Where is the research study that has proven these facts? Or a good number
    of articles or figures which could prove them across different humans and

  39. 916nene says:

    Can i drink green tea with my foods instead of just plain water? Or
    Cuz i heard orange juice from the box is not good either so what can i
    drink with ny foods?

  40. The10532124 says:

    What do you think about the granola bars? I heard they’re not that healthy
    but what do you think about the ones that’s specifically made for fibers?
    Such as Fiber One, Fiber Max, Fiber Plus and other fiber brands?

  41. David Harrison says:


  42. BumBridge DeerLodge says:

    Great Video. I get it. Sad others are writing all the negative comments,
    and are so brainwashed to really see the truth. I did this Cut Corn Wheat
    Soy Margarine Sugar all Processed Foods. Lost 70lbs. Lost Type 2
    diabetes, Teeth are healthier, Feel so much better and have energy all day.

  43. brett oflaherty says:

    LOL Geek!

  44. Meeral Mustafa says:

    im using this link for my health project thanks its good

  45. Crochet Adorer says:

    I really love your videos, thank you learning alot with you, i would like
    to ask you if you can make a video about spices there is millions and i
    dont know if they are all healthy or not, there is huge mix of spices in
    one jar could be like a bomb in a meal or perhaps i am wrong? And also the
    very common spices like maggy cubes theres is vegetables caw and chicken
    flavor i donno if they are healthy or i am just destroying mu healthy food
    with those spices… Like cooking quinoa with a maggy cube for more
    test…. And also ajino motto is a kind of salt supposed to be extract from
    plants but i hear it destroy our bones is that true? Why sea salt says it
    does not contain enough sodium requiered for daily compsumtion so sea salt
    isnt that good? What salt is better? Also in latin american food we
    normally boil cow bones (white cow bones) along with the meat to make it
    more test and have our soups more supposed good substances like vitamins
    not to be just water but i dont know how good and true is that… Could you
    help us, thank you.

  46. randombeauty lpslover says:

    U want me to eat bird food -.- whats wrong with u

  47. dod jon says:

    i used to think that everything that tasted good for you was bad till i
    tried you…your full of alll sorts of nutritional value (L)

  48. charly evans says:

    you may want to read this health article about coffee and why its good for
    us in moderation

  49. lauren kersey says:

    I wanna move to Europe now hah

  50. Luke Christie says:

    Over eating is the problem, not the foods

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