Plant Based Vegan Update! ♥ (Raw Till 4, Weight Loss, Foods I Avoid, Skin Care)

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12 Tips How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast
January 15, 2015
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Plant Based Vegan Update! ♥ (Raw Till 4, Weight Loss, Foods I Avoid, Skin Care)

OPEN FOR MORE INFO** Hi beautiful! Thanks for watching 🙂 Thumbs up if you enjoyed and found this little update helpful ♥ Overall, I’ve really been enjoyin…
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  1. Danna Kim says:

    A few months ago when you had just started your raw food diet, I just
    discovered your channel and I was pretty excited for you. But after
    watching this video, I honestly think you’ve taken the “natural” approach
    too far. If you want to live a long, healthy life, take the examples of
    people who live long, healthy lives. The Japanese have the highest life
    expectancy in the world and they don’t shy away from using chemicals in
    their skincare products and eating meat. They believe in a balanced
    lifestyle, not an extreme one in which one chooses to omit everything.
    Research has come out with the finding that low-carb diets actually beat
    low-fat diets in being better for your heart health… It is your decision
    but I would not recommend omitting even nuts from your diet, as you NEED
    those omega fatty acids to function. Limiting your skincare to just water
    will probably return your skin to its most natural, undisturbed state, but
    you have to ask yourself–is 100% natural really better? If you don’t even
    use cleansers, I assume you don’t wear sunscreen. The sun is a death ray
    that kills you faster than any cleanser. I’m not exactly a scientist
    (though I could chose to be), but I’d take my chances with the chemicals in
    sunscreen rather than not.
    I am not trying to preach you or tell you my lifestyle is better than
    yours. Not too long ago, I was also obsessed with my health and tried to
    convert to a natural lifestyle. But at some point I realized that not all
    chemicals are bad. And I don’t need to eat only fruits and vegetables to be
    healthy. Koreans and Japanese all seem to have wonderful skin even though
    their skincare products are full of synthetic chemicals. The Japanese live
    the longest because they have diets of root vegetables and low-fat
    proteins. The people living the longest seem to be balanced. And no
    offense–but I haven’t read a story on anyone living to 115 by being vegan.
    Can I ask what you would do if you got sick? Does transitioning to a
    natural lifestyle mean refraining from taking medicine? …I’m not telling
    you to stop being vegan. But every new update video I watch seems to show
    that you get more and more extreme. I just watched a video of a world-class
    doctor preaching about health. And he said 70% good, 30% bad is what you
    can do to yourself to be reasonably healthy and happy. I had to take that
    lesson myself because at one point I wanted 100% good and it turned into a
    bit of a healthy–unhealthy obsession. Oh…and oils are very good for you.
    Topically applying oils is an easy way of getting the omega fatty acids you
    probably lack in your diet, because as you’re fully aware, everything you
    put on your skin is absorbed.
    That’s all I guess.
    Good luck on your ventures. I hope you can be the healthiest youtuber out
    there (no matter what diet/lifestyle you choose)
    I’ll see you in the next update video :

  2. Molly Mae says:

    I always have mixed feelings on completely raw diets. I am a health freak,
    and I love healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that proper nutrition
    is so important but I guess I just feel like it’s bad to be extreme in any
    type of diet. I get so fed up with reading hundreds of conflicting health
    and nutrition articles; it’s hard to tell what is fact or false anymore.
    Don’t drink your water, there’s fluoride in it and you’ll damage your
    brain, don’t wear a bra it will give you cancer, don’t eat meat or dairy
    you will get cancer, don’t eat too much fruit you will get diabetes, dont
    use that face wash it will give you cancer, don’t use deodorant it will
    give you cancer. I feel like no matter what I do, im being told that I will
    in some way do damage to my body according to all these health claims. It
    drives me insane. I believe people can be at optimal health if they just
    cut out garbage. But to be completely raw and NEVER eat a piece of turkey
    is radical and extreme. The health problems arent coming from meat itself.
    It’s processed, chemical filled foods that are causing a rise in obesity
    and health problems. 

  3. Darima2 says:

    Onions and garlic bad for you?!!! Are you joking?? Girl, I can tell you had
    been reading waaaay too many vegan blogs filled with crock science and
    crazy myths! Garlic has amazing properties as do onions! Extra virgin
    highqualty olive oil is filled with antioxidants. Sounds to me like ure
    just eating bland, flavouless food other than fruit. Sorry, but many of the
    people who live till their 80s and 90s are NOT vegan /vegetarian, they just
    ate in moderation. There’s no proof whatsoever that vegans lie longer,more
    disease free lives, it certainly isn’t help Steve Jobs. Seems to me like
    its mostly helping these vegan companiesnsell overpriced, tasteless
    products and books filled with a lot of propaganda. 

  4. artofvogue says:

    Can you make a food diary over a week or so? I am very interested in this
    lifestyle but I am afraid of gaining weight because of this amount of
    calories :/

  5. Melanie Murphy says:

    Having been vegan in the past, I personally massively disagree with the
    point that ‘imagine if X amount of people stopped eating / buying meat’;
    what would happen in that instance? Millions of animals living on happy
    farms all around the world (I live in Ireland around many farms for
    example, and the animals have amazing lives) would never have a chance to
    live at all. Instead I think we need to shift our priorities and buy ONLY
    free-range organic meats for the factory farming industry to change – the
    natural human diet (that got us to the evolutionary point we’re at
    currently, and which included many whole foods including meat) won’t change
    with 7 billion people needing to be fed. Veganisim is NOT for everyone;
    it’s amazing for some, but Paleo is also amazing for some – every friend I
    have with a postgrad degree in nutrition will say the same and will spend
    hours upon hours talking about it, sharing studies and books and articles
    that say the complete opposite to everything Freelee says. I believe that
    every person is entitled to their opinion on this though and needs to learn
    through experience and personal growth, but I don’t think (personally) that
    this diet is safe (or possible) for the majority of the young girls
    watching this, in particular those prone to disordered eating. I myself
    joined the 30bananasaday website a few years back in the grip of my binge
    eating disorder (profile is probably still there), and all it did was make
    me ten times worse <3 Two sides to every coin. #mytwocents 

  6. Lee Dee says:

    I could never do this…

  7. Adrian Chatman says:

    Animals are killed and displaced for plant farms as well. Bugs and insects
    are also killed in the process. 

  8. ThisFoolishLife says:

    onion and garlic are not good for the body???? Girl, I don’t know about

  9. Kay Marie says:

    I love you videos so much Annie! You influenced me to start eating healthy
    two years ago with your weightless story. I feel off my health kick just
    because of dealing with stress and other excused. I really do want to try
    and start this life style because I can see that you are truely happy. I
    look up to you and essena and want to live a life like you guys but it’s so
    hard for me to just jump in and start. Can you do a video in what you eat
    in a day? Can you also do a video on being yourself regardless of what
    others say. Because this really hinders me when it comes to starting a raw
    lifestyle and all of your advice videos have help me! I wish you the best
    with your doctors appointment !

  10. dufischdu says:

    I am raw till 4 vegan, too! I am living like this for about 4 weeks now and
    I have never been happier! I am not planning on ever going fully raw as it
    is so expensive where I live but rt4 is actually sustainable and makes me
    feel free. I absolutely love the food I eat and never have any ‘non-vegan’
    or ‘unhealthy’ cravings anymore.<3

  11. Plant Based Guerilla says:

    Annie, you are a great campaigner for veganism in general and I love the
    tone you have with explaining the lifestyle – keep it up sister :)

  12. jasmine girl says:

    I’ve been a vegan now for 10 days and I feel better then ever. My face has
    broken out a lot when I do have perfect skin…but I think its because my
    body is pushing out all the crap I’ve been eating for years. Internally I
    feel better then ever, and I have so much energy!

  13. hoola hoop says:

    Burgers! Chocolates! Yummy

  14. vegan fruitbatt says:

    You are a huge inspiration to me and we are totally on the same page in so
    many aspects; our lifestyle ; raw till 4 ; the books you read ; our minds
    hahaha I’m just so happy I could find someone whose on the same path as me
    and so much like myself. I got started on a Vegan lifestyle 9 months ago
    thanks to Freelee the Banana girl as well as Gary Yourofsky. You’re videos
    are so unique and real and inspirational to watch, so relaxed and peaceful
    and real. ♥ So happy I have you to watch now keep up the good work. ♥ 

  15. mackenzie jaggi says:

    You are so beautiful!!!! Subscribed, check! I found you through Freelee’s
    channel and you both really inspire me:) Keep being amazing girl

  16. bhjshd says:

    i love you! i love your channel im so happy I found this <3 xoxoxoxxo

  17. Jade Sinfield says:

    Hi Annie. For January I’m going to try the raw to 4 program. Can’t wait to
    see how much better I feel. I will keep you posted 🙂 ps your videos are so
    motivating and helpful thankyou x 

  18. hamahxo says:

    While I agree that there is nothing wrong with eating fruits and
    vegetables, I’m worried about the extreme nature of this diet and what this
    promotes to young viewers. For example, there are some nutrients, such as
    vitamin B12 that only exist in animal products, and a deficiency of B12 can
    lead to anaemia and a whole host of other health problems. As a medical
    student, I also worry about this new trend of claiming that all modern
    medicine is illegitimate. I recently read that Freelee the Banana Girl was
    talking about how her menstrual cycle stopped and how that was completely
    normal! Girls, that is NOT normal and definitely NOT good for you. While
    obesity is a massive public health issue and as a society we definitely
    need to change our ways of food consumption, it’s important that we don’t
    become obsessed with foods and rather focus on balancing our lifestyle.

  19. Somtoya Arinze says:

    You’re so lovely inside and out! This is one of my favorite videos on raw
    vegan diets! Just subscribed xx


    I don’t think this diet is for everyone, rather, lifestyle. High carb is
    awful as carbs break down to sugar and sugar is stored as fat. How does it
    help you to loose weight when carbs and sugar are the key factor to gaining

  21. Fiza K says:

    If Almighty God wanted humans to have vegetables, why did he provide us
    with pointed teeth. It’s logically obvious that he expected us to have both
    veg and non veg. Science tells us that plants have life and can feel pain

  22. Meera Cat says:

    atleast give credit to freelee when u copy her…urgh

  23. Autumn L. says:

    You may like a konjac sponge for cleansing your skin. It’s vegan and
    sustainable. :-)

  24. strawberrypunchXD says:

    would you recommend this for someone whos 16-17

  25. RawFruitBasedLiving says:

    Great video. Glad you’re enjoying the lifestyle! And I love that you
    provided so many great links to help get the message out there.

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